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Give and Plan

Individuals, families, businesses and even nonprofit organizations - consider establishing a fund for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the motivation, starting a fund at the Community Foundation does not require a great deal of wealth and is easy.

Becoming a Donor


People do not give to the Community Foundation but through the organization in order to support the causes they care about.


The Foundation works hard to make giving easy and meaningful for donors by:

  • Accepting a wide variety of gift types and types of funds. (Please note: the links will direct to the Weld Community Foundation's website)

  • Providing easy set-up and administration of a fund.  You get the joy of giving while we do the research, paperwork, grant follow-up and reporting.

  • Involving you personally. We’ll help you learn about the issues of most importance to you and will connect you with like-minded organizations and programs.

  • Sharing our community needs expertise.

  • Endowing funds so that your charitable wishes create a permanent legacy.


Three easy steps to making a gift:

  • Think about how you want your gift to make a difference.

  • Think about what type of gift you want to make (cash, stock, property, life insurance, etc.).

  • Contact the Community Foundation to discuss your gift idea. We will work out the details together, and include your professional advisor, if you choose.

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